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Ok, I have to admit and set a disclosure before diving into this post.

I am not the world’s best mom. In fact, I am hardly ever home to feel like I really am fulfilling all my mom duties. I work away from home while my husband works AT home AND watches our little babe. So Spencer is more of a mom to Tatum than I am, BUT I will definitely talk about the things I get to do when I AM home with little Taters because I try my best to make any moments I have with her count!

So let’s get to it! I am calling this post The “Mommy and Me” Routine because this is what I like to do with Tatum when I get home from work and it works for us and it works with our busy work schedules. 

In the morning, Tatum wakes up anywhere from 7-8:30 AM, but usually right around that sweet 8 AM time. By then I have already left for work, but Spence takes the reins from there. The both of them usually get up around the same time, which is super nice. 

Tatum USUALLY has a bottle for breakfast and plays for a bit while Spencer works in Tatum’s room (which doubles as Spencer’s work space haha!). Because they share that room during the day, Spencer moves Tatum’s Pack n’ Play into our bedroom, where it’s quiet and dark. 

For her naps, we like it to be somewhere quiet and dark because she sleeps MUCH better in those conditions and we turn on a sound machine that plays the sound of ocean waves. In my mind, it helps signal to Tatum that it’s time for some shut eye (doesn’t always work, but we try!)

If we get lucky, Tatum sleeps for 1.5-2 hours (once we got REALLY lucky and the girl slept for FOUR hours!!).  

She usually will go down around 10 AM and then another nap around noon or 1 PM. Or we just look for signs that she’s tired and DOWN SHE GOES haha. 

I get to come home for lunch most every day, which is super nice because I have long lunches. If I’m lucky, Tatum is awake and I get to spend a bit of time with her. Usually I’ll bring her into my favorite room of the house (the kitchen…), set her in her Bumbo, and feed her some Gerber yogurt bites. Once I’ve finished my lunch, I’ll take her into her room and read some books to her or play with her. 

I love when I come home from work because Tatum is always super excited to see me, which makes my mom heart happy 🙂 

Once I officially get home from work, it’s usually around 5:15/5:30 PM. And that means I don’t have much time with my baby girl before bed time. 

There have been times I have taken her on runs or walks with me right after work, but lately I have been wiped when I get home and have zero energy to go exercise in any form. So we normally play a little, I’ll put her on my bed and let her crawl around and just spend time with her. Then usually around 5:30/5:45 PM, I’ll feed her some baby food (I buy these squeezies and tubs from Fry’s & they are SO cheap it’s awesome!). 

After dinner, I’ll get her in the bathtub and let her play for 20-30 minutes because she lovessssss bath time! And I like that time too because I’ll either play with her a little with her rubber duck, blow some pretty big bubbles with her Baby Magic shampoo/body wash (you’d all be blown away by my bubble making abilities ;), or we’ll Facetime because Tatum sure loves seeing herself in the camera as well as being social with anyone and everyone. 

After bathtime, I make Tatum a bottle and try to feed her. I say try because sometimes (most of the time) she is such a stinker and won’t drink it. In that case, I’ll put her right to bed and she usually goes down pretty easily. And then it’s anywhere from 6:30-7:00 PM that she goes down (again, depending on how tired she’s acting). 

Then Tatum sleeps for awhile. And lately she’s only been waking up once during the night, which has been amazing because she used to wake up anywhere from 2-5 times a night, which was a nightmare. 

When she wakes up at night, I leave her in her Pack n’ Play while I go make a bottle. Then I grab her, put her in my bed, give her her bottle, and change her diaper while she’s eating. Tatum will drink her whole bottle and then either just lay there or will turn and go right back to sleep. I then carry her back to her bed and then I go to sleep again! And let me tell you, it has been SO nice having her just go right back to sleep because in our last apartment, it was not so fun in a one bedroom place (girl slept with us in our bed… 😐 ). 

And then we do it all over again! Hence the “Routine” part in The “Mommy and Me” Routine. Although, it should really be called The “Daddy, Mommy, and Me” Routine because I couldn’t do the routine without my hubby! He’s a lifesaver and such a hard worker, I don’t know how he does it all!

I have to say, I live for the weekends. Not only do I not have to work, but I get to hang out with Tatum and take her places. I know it’s a little crazy to bring your kids out in public (because they always behave SO well right?) 😉 

But I seriously love bringing Tatum with me to the grocery store, Joann’s, Target, work errands, visit friends, you name it. She’s such a fun little accessory (no, she’s not an object I know) to have with me because she’s so cute when others come talk to her and she really does behave so well while we’re out! I love having her with me to go do fun Mommy – Daughter stuff (like shopping :). 

I also really like to take her on walks in the stroller. And when I used to take her running with me, she would fall asleep in the stroller, which was super cute. 

Overall, being a mom is hard and it’s even harder when I can’t be at home with her every day. But we’re making it work and I really look forward to and enjoy any time I DO get to spend with her and really try to make those moments count, because they’ll be gone before I know it. 

What are your “Mommy and Me” Routines?

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