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What is better than a good old fashioned date with the one you adore the most?

I love trying to come up with different date ideas for Spencer and I to go on and man, it just gets harder and harder to do! When you’re married and see each other every day, it’s hard to come up with a clever date to go on every week. We usually do date nights either Friday or Saturday and it mainly consists of the same dates: grocery shopping and grabbing dinner at Sam’s Club (which by the way is super cheap and actually pretty good!), watching a movie at home, going to the movies when there’s a good movie out, or going to grab dinner somewhere. (I know, we eat out A LOT)

We rarely go on a unique date anymore, especially since we now have our sweet babe in our lives. However, we have gotten pretty good at at-home dates and those usually consist of grabbing dinner or a treat, bringing it home, and watching a movie/show. Don’t get me wrong, I love these dates with Spence, but it’s nice to try and think of something else to do. So now, if we want to go out on a date with just us (because it’s important to get out just the two of you!), we get a babysitter and go somewhere for at least an hour so it’s just us two for a bit.

Mallery’s list of 55 fun date ideas that you and your special someone need to try!

  1. Play a board game
  2. Couples massages
  3. Go fishing
  4. Play racquetball
  5. Go to the movies
  6. Make personal pizzas
  7. Fancy dinner date
  8. Pottery painting
  9. canvas art painting
  10. Soda pong
  11. Movie marathon
  12. Binge watch your favorite show together
  13. Make homemade ice cream
  14. Make homemade snow cones
  15. Go out and get your favorite treat
  16. Play the n64 or other gaming device
  17. Stroll around the mall or your favorite store
  18. Have a snowball fight (if you live in a cold place)
  19. Participate in first friday in your town
  20. Plan your future together
  21. Stroll around down town
  22. Invite another couple or couples to have a group date
  23. Go bowling
  24. Take a weekend getaway trip
  25. Take a day trip to somewhere nearby
  26. Do a stay-cation and stay in a hotel
  27. Take a spontaneous trip to an amusement park
  28. Take a spontaneous trip to a nearby state
  29. Make a couple’s bucket list
  30. Play just dance (if you don’t have the game, look up the videos on youtube)
  31. Have a stay-at-home candlelight dinner
  32. Surprise your significant other with cheesy dollar store decorations around the house
  33. Have a night of meaningful conversations
  34. Take a walk together and hold hands
  35. Go shopping and pick out each other’s clothes to try on
  36. Participate in local events such as farmer’s markets, arts and crafts festivals, chocolate walks, etc.
  37. Sign up for a race or other fun run together
  38. Plan your next trip and things you plan on doing while there
  39. Go to a comedy show
  40. Go see an NBA game
  41. Go see a college game
  42. Have a movie projector night and watch a movie or set up a gaming system to play
  43. Have a tailgate with family and friends
  44. Invite friends over for a waffle, ice cream, or whatever kind of dessert – bar night
  45. Have a pot-luck night with friends
  46. Invite friends over for game night
  47. Flip a coin (heads for right, tails for left) and follow the directions until you hit a place to eat dinner at
  48. Make a dinner together at home and eat on the floor
  49. Make a fort together
  50. Go see a play together
  51. Go goofy golfing
  52. Go grocery shopping together
  53. Complete a project together you’ve been meaning to get done
  54. Make a treat and take them to people
  55. Go for a drive out to the middle of somewhere and blast your favorite music

Comment below what your favorite dates to go on with your significant other are!

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