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Not many people know this about me, but when I was in high school, chemistry was my all-time favorite class. I loved learning all about the elements, loved stoichiometry, and I loved doing experiments in the lab. I wanted to become a chemist, actually!

So guess what I did today?

I performed an experiment!!!

I took 4 different cleaning combinations and tested them out on my floor to see which one cleaned the best.

So I have a fairly old tile floor (sort of looks like gymnasium floor haha!) and it gets dirty fast! And no matter how often I clean it, it just gets dirty again!

Anyways, awhile back, I was carrying my heavy laundry basketbs up the stairs and into my apartment. Well, I hate making multiple trips up and down those stairs, so I carried one basket on each shoulder and put the laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets on the tops of the baskets. Right as I entered the doorway of my apartment, my laundry detergent fell off my basket, broke, and spilled on the floor.

After wiping the mess up, we realized how clean our floor looked in the spot where it fell!

Guys. It’s my floor cleaner now after today’s experiment.

I never would have thought that my liquid laundry detergent would be the best floor cleaner! Check out these pictures below and see for yourself!


This is the “Before” picture of my floor. None of the floor has been cleaned yet!

And a close up of the “Before” floor!

This is the laundry detergent I use. I buy mine from Sam’s Club and a big tub like this is usually around $15.

I used a washcloth and dump in the detergent and water mixture. I then used that washcloth to wipe down the floor.

(Look at how much cleaner the floor already looks!)

I used paper towels to smear the laundry detergent all around the floor and let it sit for about 5 minutes. 

I used the Swiffer on the floor while I let the laundry detergent sit on the floor for a few minutes. I usually use my Swiffer to clean my floors. I used to have an actual mop, but then I got tired of washing the mop head and felt like the Swiffer was much easier and faster. 

My floor is so dirty…

As you can see in this picture, #2 is winning by quite a long shot. #1 was the detergent mixed with water, #2 was just the detergent wiped with a wet washcloth, and #3 was the Swiffer.

I then tried dish soap just to see how it would work because, hey! Why not dish soap when laundry detergent worked?! Butttt, way too soapy for me. 

So here you can see a side-by-side of all the different cleaners on the floor. By far, #2 did the best. And I think the worst of them all happened to be the Swiffer – the one I use all the time and it seems like it actually doesn’t do much at all!

And here’s a close up of the floor. 

So overall, the laundry detergent was the best cleaner! And that is definitely what I’m cleaning my floor with once all our stuff is moved out!


What are your favorite go-to cleaners?

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