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Have you ever wished you were more productive? That you had time to do everything you wanted to do in a day every day?

What if I told you I had a super simple trick that could help you be the productive person you want to be and to be that person starting tomorrow? (Ironic right? haha)

I have the trick for you.
It’s so simple, it’s not even funny.

All it takes to be more productive is one extra hour. Waking up one hour earlier in the morning makes all the difference in the world!
Trust me, I’ve been doing it every day during the last week and I have had time and more for everything I have wanted to do! I have been able to wake up at 6 AM, work out for 30 minutes, do some scripture study while eating breakfast, shower, and then get ready for work without feeling rushed!

Then I go to work for the day! When I come home afterwards, I have some time to relax, get the house cleaned and dishes done, Tatum fed, bathed, and ready for bed, shower again (I’m a dental hygienist so I have to shower after a long day of having spit fly in my hair…), spend time with Spencer, and then go to sleep earlier than I used to so I can wake up and do my routine again.

Before I decided to wake up an hour earlier in the mornings, I felt like I had no time for things that I wanted or needed to get done. But with an extra hour added in the morning, I have time for things I didn’t think I had time for!

My mom always told me growing up that you make time for things that matter. If you want to workout every day, you can’t say you didn’t have time to work out, you have to make time.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “But it’s tiring waking up an hour earlier, I like my sleep”. I know this because this is how I was (and still am sometimes!). It’s hard waking up a whole hour earlier to get things you want to get done done. It’s even harder when you have to wake up multiple times in the night to take care of a crying baby! But it is doable! If you’re determined and motivated to change, then you can do it! It will be hard, but so is everything that requires change! The change(s) you decide to make added with consistency will create a habit! It’s said that a habit takes about three months to create and if you think about it, three months will fly by! So if you can commit to just three months, it will become a habit and then waking up an hour earlier will be a piece of cake!

Now, your morning routine does NOT have to be just like mine! My routine just happens to work for me. I am a strong believer that the morning time is a way more productive time of day than later in the day. By the end of the day, everyone is usually tired and just wants to relax! And if you have work to go to every day, then that gives you a deadline to finish all you want to get done before you have to leave!

Here’s a breakdown of my morning routine as summarized earlier:

  • Wake up at 6 AM – This is an hour earlier than I normally wake up
  • Workout for about 30 min – This is good for your body to get it moving and your heart rate going!
  • Scripture study – You don’t have to study scriptures, you can read a book or meditate, just something to get the mind up and working. Make sure to take in this quiet time and soak it all in!
  • Eat breakfast – Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day! Don’t skip out on it! It’s also not a bad idea to drink a glass of water to get that digestive system going. 
  • Shower – Hot shower water wakes the body and mind right up as well as soothes the muscles after a good workout.
  • Get ready for work without feeling rushed – Not feeling rushed is a great way to not start your day feeling stressed. 

Here’s a breakdown of my evening routine following work: 

  • Can relax – Usually I feel like I have so much I have to get done but not with the extra hour I have when I wake up in the morning!
  • Get the house cleaned and dishes done – They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. A clean house is a happy house!
  • Get Tatum fed, bathed, and ready for bed – Love this babe’s bedtime routine. Bedtime is the best time of day!
  • Shower – I have to shower twice a day like I said previously due to other people’s spit…
  • Time to spend catching up with Spencer after long days of work – It’s important to spend time with those who matter most!
  • Go to sleep earlier so I can wake up and do the routine again! – Get those 8 hours of sleep! A good night’s rest is great and healthy for the body!

Honestly, waking up an hour earlier has been so great and seriously “what we call an L.C. – a life changer” (name that movie and I’ll be so impressed! Unless you’re my mom or sisters, then I won’t be that impressed, sorry! 😉

It’s amazing what just an hour can do for your mental, spiritual, and physical self! That extra hour gives you all the time you need to get all the things you didn’t think you had time for done! And you feel so productive afterwards!

What are some things you don’t feel like you have time to do during the day? Could they be done an hour earlier in the mornings? If so, why not try it out and see how things go/how you start to feel! You’ll be amazed by all the things you can get done in an hour!

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