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Do you ever feel like every day is the same routine over and over again? Do you ever feel like it’s somewhat hard to find happiness in the day-to-day tasks? Well look no further! 

I felt the same exact way! I felt like I was constantly stuck in the rut of the “every day being the same old boring” day! But once I started thinking outside the box and considering what I could do in my small apartment to bring me more happiness or make me more inspired, that’s when I came up with the idea of creating a blog of all things happy and all things inspiring!

My hope is to reach those who are struggling with being happy or who would like to be more inspired and give them ideas to help! While these ideas are usually small, they can work and they have worked for me! I believe small things have the potential to create massive change.

My goal for this blog is actually kind of selfish… well, in a way. Because I am the type of person who goes crazy if I’m not doing something, I am constantly looking for things to do or things to create. SO, I thought, why not make a blog. Surely that would give me something to do AND it would help me look for ways to be a more happy and inspired person. So really, I’m being selfish in the sense that my blog is an outlet for me to share things that I have done because it helps me look for things to do and actually do them. Buuuuuuuut, I guess not too selfish because it helps others learn/be happy/inspired… right? (HOPEFULLY).

Doing this blog is going to be a huge challenge for me since I have never done anything like this before. However, if you know me, you know that once I set my mind to something, I don’t ever stop until I finish that thing. (That’s a big reason I didn’t change my college major!) So I have high hopes for this blog and I am excited to see where it takes me! It was quite a road to get to the point where this blog is now. At first, I was a rep for an activewear company. (I thought it would maybe motivate me to live a healthier lifestyle, turns out that’s not a “one fix all” kind of deal…). Don’t get me wrong, it was a great experience to try! However, it just didn’t make me happy. If anything, it stressed me out because I was trying to break even with the money I put into it, but you had to continue investing money into the products to showcase them to potential buyers and that just wasn’t me. I did like seeing friends/family at the “parties” we hosted though!

So I quit.

I know. I just said I don’t quit/stop until I finish something… But honestly, I did not find any happiness in what I was doing! (Except for cute workout clothes — that I had to buy…).  After quitting my repping business/job/whatever you want to call it, I looked for something else that I could use as a hobby or something to occupy my downtime that would actually make me happy. And that’s when I came up with my blog – The Happiness Initiative.

This blog was an outlet for different things I had learned (mostly about my faith/beliefs) and I would share experiences I had gone through that would tie into those posts and all that. But I really wasn’t keeping up with it, I was SUH-LACKING big time and honestly, not many people (other than family and close friends – thank you!) read my blog. So I felt like I was honestly not doing much of anything and I wasn’t super excited with how my blog looked or felt.

So THEN I thought what could I do next? (I know, you probably think I am crazy at this point if you didn’t earlier, but hear me out). 

And I honestly had no idea…

Then I got a call from my sister who asked if I wanted to start up a boutique with her. We talked about different possibilities, did some light searching of products we could use, started a “Business” board on Pinterest pinning ideas, etc… but nothing was set in stone and we had to wait awhile to make any definitive plans anyways while she was in school.

But I just kept thinking of my blog. While pinning ideas for our possible boutique, I came across blogging ideas and I got wondering how to take my blog game to the next level. I LOVE Pinterest and search it like I search the Internet, so why not come up with DIYs, How-To’s, recipes, whatever you can find on Pinterest and offer my own unique ideas? That way I get to be creative AND possibly help others in the process!

Now that was something that I had been looking for! I wanted something that would motivate and inspire me to try new things (like learning how to blog, how to set up a website, be more creative, etc…) and help others who are looking for something fun/creative to do. I love learning new things and this was definitely going to be a learning curve.

So here we are! That’s how Happiness and Inspiration was born!

I am so excited to be creating this blog and can’t wait to watch it grow! And I’m so excited to have you here reading and following along! I hope you are happily inspired

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