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Boy, oh boy, do I have a product for you. And I have to be 100% honest when I say, this product is seriously magic!

Introducing BIZ Stain & Odor Eliminator! This laundry detergent is no joke the BEST! I didn’t know this product even existed until my Nans (grandma) recommended it and claimed it got even the toughest of stains out.

So naturally, I had to test it out myself, right?

I bought BIZ a few years ago to get out a stain I got on my very bright, and very white shirt. I thought for sure that my shirt was done for because I got a pretty big black stain on it.

So I scrubbed that BIZ onto my shirt and let it soak overnight and guess what?

IT TOTALLY WORKED!! And it has completely changed the game for me when it comes to stains. I used to be so scared and think, “Well, that’s it! I loved my new shirt for the 30 seconds I owned it. Goodbye Mallery, hello Goodwill”.

But now? Nuh uh! Bring on the stains and I’ll just get them out!

Now I feel like there isn’t a stain I CAN’T get out!

And now, it’s even more crucial to get out stains from my sweet lil’ babe’s clothes because I would absolutely love if her clothes could be passed down to future kiddos or if I give hand-me-downs to others, whoever gets them doesn’t think I never keep my kid clean!

Sometimes it’s hard to even notice a stain until after it’s been washed nice and clean and you see a big fat mark that’s now washed into the fabric.

Well, lucky for all of you, I conducted my own little experiment with BIZ (the powder version) to see what sorts of stains would come out. And I’m pretty pleased with the results, if I do say so myself. Check it out below!

For this first example, it’s actually what made me want to do this post in the first place because it reminded me just how much I really do love BIZ. 

Tatum had a gross blowout that got on a very white onesie and heaven knows you need all the onesies you can possibly get for kids. So of course I had to try and save it (and also have yet another example to show the wonders of BIZ). 

This is Tatum’s onesie prior to BIZ.

I fill up the water just enough to soak all areas of the garment. And I use a big bowl to throw all my clothes into. 

I usually eyeball about how much detergent I think the stain will need. There is a chart on the back of the box with relevant amounts of powder to water ratios, but I always guess and it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra to try and fight the stains. 

First I pour the powder directly onto the stained area. Then I’ll pour some powder into the water. 

I use COLD water! Hot water sets a stain and makes it WAYYYY harder to remove. 

Next I’ll scrub the powder INTO the stain. In this video I’m only showing scrubbing with one hand, I usually get into it and use both my hands to make sure I’ve scrubbed BIZ into the stain really well. 

This video shows Tatum’s onesie after having scrubbed BIZ into the stained area and letting it soak overnight – this is the next day, what the onesie now looks like!

See the pics above for a better picture of how the onesies looked after BIZ worked it’s magic!

For the next couple examples, I used BIZ to try and remove a fresh dab of blood. The clothes had not been washed yet and went straight to BIZ prior to washing.

Side note: You can use BIZ as normal laundry detergent. I just choose to use BIZ for when I need to get stains out. I scrub BIZ into the area being treated and let it soak for at least overnight, air dry, and then wash with my normal liquid laundry detergent after. That’s not to say BIZ is terrible smelling or anything, it’s just personal preference (and plus, I have to wash them anyways afterwards because this girl doesn’t have a washer/dryer in her apartment).

So anyways, back to the experiment.

Tatum felt and hit her lip and had a small cut. I didn’t notice until she jumped on top of me and then realized she got a little bit of blood on my sweater and her jammies. So I took them, scrubbed some BIZ on them bad boys and let them soak overnight. After letting them soak, I air dried them and then washed them how I normally do.

Tatum’s PJ’s before BIZ. You can see the small drop of blood between the buttons. 

Here are the PJ’s after BIZ and after washing normally. 

This sweater has a small drop of blood from the same incident as mentioned above. 

I apologize for the bad lighting making this appear to be a completely different sweater, but the blood is gone thanks to BIZ!

The next examples are clothes that have been previously washed WITH a stain. So these clothes technically have a stain set into them, but I wanted to see just how strong BIZ could be. So for these examples, I used BIZ AFTER the clothes had already been washed and I then noticed a stain present.

I apologize for the terrible lighting of my kitchen and the differences in lighting between the pictures, but I promise, they are the same garments in each picture, just showing a before and after!

As you can vaguely see, the blue onesie on the left had a very faint oval stain (hard to see in the picture, but I could DEFINITELY see it in person) and in the right photo, it’s gone. And I’m being completely honest, the oval was seriously GONE! The onesie had a stain, been washed, and then I attempted BIZ after the stain had already been technically set. But the power of BIZ is quite amazing!

You can see the small oval of a stain on the right side closer to the top. 

The same exact thing goes for this white onesie. There was a big yellow spot on the neck of the onesie and it had been washed. After being set, I tried BIZ on it, and wa-la! Once again, BIZ worked it’s magic!

Ok, so for this before and after. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed this one didn’t completely clear away the stain. HOWEVER, the only difference I can find with this example is that these pants have been washed over and over again before attempting BIZ. I knew these pants had had a stain in them for a LONG time. Why do I know that? Because Tatum had a total blowout and me being a tad bit lazy didn’t make the effort to try and save the pants with BIZ.

I do have to point out though, the stain actually somewhat went away after using BIZ – not completely, but slightly. The stain is definitely not as large as it used to be. So now I am tempted to do another round of BIZ and see if this time it takes it completely away.

As you can see, this seriously is the key to taking away pretty much any stain! If you catch the stain before washing, the better. If you catch the stain after one round of washing, you very well may be able to still remove the stain! And if you catch the stain after multiple rounds of washing, you most likely will be able to reduce the size, but it may not completely go away! But hey, better most of the stain if you can’t get all of it!

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t this too good to be true?” Yes, yes it is. It’s beyond good, so good that it can’t be anything BUT true!

BIZ has multiple stain fighters in their products to tackle and cover all stain bases. Their stain fighters include: peroxides (also used to help whiten teeth;), whitening agents, detergents, and their own special enzyme blend called Enzamix! Together with all these stain and odor eliminators, BIZ is pretty much capable of removing any and all stains!

So definitely give BIZ a try for yourself and see the magic work in person! I bought my box of powder BIZ at Walmart for only around $6 and it has lasted me THREE years and still going strong! And better yet? BIZ has a manufacturer’s coupon on their website for $1 OFF on any ONE BIZ product! So even better – $5 for the best stain removing detergent ever invented!

What do you have to lose? That’s right, STAINS!

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