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Having great kitchen appliances is essential. Especially if you are planning on cooking and planning on that cooking to be drop dead delicious.

When I was in college, I had a basic toaster, hand mixer, and microwave and I thought “dang, I make some good stuff with these appliances”.

And then I got married.

Spencer and I got so many nifty kitchen appliances and man are they worth it! I’m grateful that I got these kitchen appliances because they have helped me up my dinner game BIG time! Not only that, but they save me an incredible amount of time too! They are so handy to have in the kitchen, and if I had known how wonderful they were back when I was in college, I would have gotten them a heck of a lot sooner!

Ok. Just kidding. I was a college kid. I didn’t have the money to just spend on sweet kitchen stuff. (I bought most of my kitchen stuff at thrift stores!)

Below are some of my favorite favorite FAVORITE kitchen appliances that I use weekly to prepare dinners. I HIGHLY recommend them because they are just that good!

I recently got an Instant Pot for Christmas and guys, it’s amazing! Things cook SO fast in that thing! If I ever forget to take out meat from the freezer for dinner, it’s so convenient to just pop it in the Instant Pot and let it do it’s magic! I’ve cooked a green chile pork loin in the Instant Pot and it took 1.5 hours! THAT’S IT! So quick! And like a Crock Pot, you can smell the yummy goodness emanating from the appliance. You can cook a variety of foods in Instant Pots, from desserts like cakes and puddings to snacks like yogurt to dinners like pastas, meats, soups, etc!

This is an awesome appliance to have because you can not only cook rice in it, but you can steam veggies in it as well. Cooking rice only takes about 30 minutes to fully cook and all you have to do is throw in your uncooked rice and water and press a button and that’s it! I’ve also made Mexican rice in my rice cooker and it turns out very yummy!

While this is a convenient appliance to have, you can also cook rice in the Instant Pot at a much faster rate (usually around 4 minutes!), however, the Rice Cooker comes with a plastic tray you can use to steam your veggies on while cooking rice at the same time! It’s a one and done meal kind of appliance with very minimal clean up!

Not only can you cook rice and steam veggies, but you can make soup and CAKE in a rice cooker too! WHO KNEW?!

Can I just say how much I LOVE my Crock Pot.

This thing saves my time and energy when it comes to making dinner. It’s so easy to throw everything in in the mornings, let it cook throughout the day, and then be ready to eat by dinner time. There are SO SO SO many Crock Pot recipes it’s not even funny. And let me tell you that it is so easy to come up with your own recipes too! I can’t even count how many times I’ve just thrown stuff randomly in the Crock Pot and it has turned out so yummy! You can find a list of dinner ideas for Crock Pots here!

The Ninja blender is awesome. And buying the package deal for Ninja blenders is even better. I use the Ninja large blender with the small blender and use them to make smoothies, dressings, marinades, milkshakes, salsa, you name it! That bad boy whips up all kinds of stuff super quick and always makes whatever you make very smooth and creamy with the press of just ONE button!

This package shown above on the left is a smokin’ deal! $49.98 for a package of THREE blenders! 

Personally, I have the package of two blenders (shown above on the right) and I love it! I use the big blender for smoothies and the smaller blender for things like dressings and marinades. And let me tell you, these blenders last FOREVER! You can’t go wrong with two blenders at $30.49.  

We got a George Forman grill for my husband’s birthday last year from his parents and it seriously has been a great addition to our list of kitchen appliances. We live in a small apartment with no grill and having this small grill that sits on our counter top has been awesome! We cook brats, hamburgers, sausage, paninis (I LOVE paninis), whatever you like grilled! And our George Forman actually cooks all these things pretty quickly! Seriously beats cooking all these thing on a pan on the stove!


Ok, so for those who are unfamiliar with the Bosch, it’s pretty much the best kitchen mixer you can get. Yes, it’s bulkier and wider than a KitchenAid, BUT I think it’s much more versatile than a KitchenAid.

You can make cookie dough, bread dough, fry bread dough, frosting, whipped cream, cake, shred chicken, and pretty much anything you desire. It’s just THAT good. I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t the KitchenAid make the same things?” Sure, the KitchenAid can make the same things, however, the Bosch has a lid covering the top so stuff doesn’t fly out everywhere AND it comes with a blender attachment that can also attach a food processor unit onto it. You can attach your blender to the side section of the Bosch and use it just like any normal blender. The Bosch also comes with various hook attachments. I HIGHLY recommend getting a metal insert, which is included in the package above (we had experiences with a plastic insert and it exploded and went flying in pieces when making cookie dough on various occasions…). 

The Bosch is seriously a life saver. I have used it MANY times and it’s probably my favorite kitchen appliance I own. 

I know it’s a pricy purchase, however, a Bosch can last a lifetime. I’m really not kidding. I have a fairly old version of the Bosch that was originally my grandma’s and it has stayed strong and true! And my mom has had her Bosch ever since I can remember. Sure the dial got pretty sticky from all the orange juice we made in that thing (YES YOU CAN MAKE JUICE IN IT TOO!!), but pop that sucker off and clean underneath it – brand new. 

I’m telling you, the Bosch is amazing and it will not disappoint!

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

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