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I love trying new dinners and I love even more when those dinners turn out deliciously and then become part of the dinner routine. Dinners become part of the “dinner routine” when dinners are wins. I consider a dinner WIN when the hubby approves said dinner. I guess you could call these dinner wins, winners. See what I did there? 😉 

I never realized how different (and sometimes challenging!) making dinner would be for two people once I got married. I never had to worry about making dinner for anyone other than myself before getting married. Not that making dinner is a struggle for me, but coming up with ideas for two people with two different sets of taste buds is no easy feat! I definitely had to get more creative, scour Pinterest for any and all dinner ideas, and rack my brain for dinners my mom used to make for our family. Before getting married, I was TOTALLY fine just eating cereal for dinner, eating leftovers for every meal, or even throwing every random ingredient I could find in the house towards One. Giant. Random. Meal. I lived the life every college kid did when it came to food. (I have to admit, I only had ramen noodles once my whole college career, which I consider a huge feat since that’s the college food stereotype!) 

That is no longer the case…

Now that i’ve been married for almost two years now, I have a little more of an idea of what to make for dinners and what Spence will and will not eat. You would think I’d be more of a pro by now, but let me tell you, it’s tough work trying to come up with ideas for dinners still! (Luckily my baby isn’t old enough to say what she does and doesn’t like yet!)

My main focus for determining dinners every week is mainly based on what is for sale at my local grocery store. I look at the weekly ad and decide what would be the cheapest meals to make and what we both will actually like to eat. Usually these meals are not the healthiest, but I do try and incorporate some good stuff every so often! These healthy things usually include some kind of meat, beans, rice, and/or veggies.

I have a routine I go through for my normal grocery shopping experience that I learned from the pro – my mom.

I fold a piece of paper in half (hamburger style – remember those days from good ol’ elementary school?) and with the opening of the fold facing upwards and still having the page folded, I write down the days of the week and then proceed to come up with dinner ideas for the week.

As I write down dinner ideas, I write down the list of ingredients I need in order to make the meal on the opposite side of the paper. Once all ingredients are listed, put a CHECK next to the day of the week, signaling that meal has all the ingredients written and planned! I also use two columns of ingredients for different stores I am planning on going to. I usually try to stick to two stores or less so then I’m not tempted to buy everything and it tends to save much more money if I just go to one store than multiple. But that’s a post for a different day.



Want an easy way to write and keep track of all the groceries you need for your weekly dinner meals? This is an easy, double-sided paper to take to the grocery store to help you plan and execute your meals for the entire week!

While it is hard to come up with dinner ideas and then execute them, it is doable! And once you have quite a few meals you or everyone likes, then you can put them on rotation if you don’t mind eating many of the same things over again! Trust me, it’s hard enough to come up with the dinner ideas so if you can put some meals on the routine, it’ll be MUCH easier for you in the future when you’re racking your brain for meal ideas!

Below is a list of easy dinner meals you can make for yourself, someone else, or for your family! They’re easy enough that anyone can make them and they’re yummy enough that anyone will eat them!

Mallerys list of easy and yummy meals:

  1. Enchiladas
  2. Chicken soft tacos
  3. Quesadillas
  4. Pizza grilled cheese
  5. Copycat Applebees oriental chicken salad
  6. Green chili pork tenderloin (instant pot recipe)
  7. Chicken packets
  8. Chicken, potatoes, and carrots
  9. Taco salad
  10. Philly cheese steaks
  11. Oven tacos
  12. Personal pita pizzas
  13. Navajo tacos AKA fry bread
  14. Chicken fajitas
  15. Burrito bowls (salsa chicken)


What are your favorite, yummy, and easy dinner meals to make? 

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