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Do you like making money? How about extra money you can use to pay off debt or add to your savings? OR better yet (and WAY more fun), having extra money to just spend on fun things! 

For whatever reason you like to make extra cash, there are TONS of options out there to help you get some extra dough!

Personally, I LOVE making extra money. I find it exciting to use the extra money I’ve made to pay off debt, add to my savings, and have some fun money to spend. I love crunching the numbers and seeing how much money I can build if I put my mind to it. Recently, I paid off $19,000 in student loans within 6 months. Can you believe that?! My goal was to pay off all my student loans within a year of graduating and I DID IT! That was a huge financial accomplishment and now, my family is pretty much debt free! We own our car (thanks to making extra side money), our phones are paid off, and now, my school is paid off! The only thing we have left (I consider it debt since I still owe money for it, but technically it isn’t building interest so it’s not a bad debt) are medical bills from my labor and delivery and my recent surgery. 

I wouldn’t have been able to pay off my debts if I hadn’t decided to find ways to make extra cash to help me throw anything and everything I could at them. And gratefully, I have a job that allows me to have some financial security and throw quite a bit of money towards paying off debt. However, not everyone has a job that allows them to do this and I definitely have been in that boat! And that is why I am here to help you learn easy ways to make that extra money you need to be able to have some debts paid off, money saved, and/or have some fun!

Check these money making ideas out! 



Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial expert! Please do not take these ideas as quick fixes nor get-rich-quick schemes! These are solely ideas to help you possibly make some extra cash to help you with whatever your financial goals are. They are not meant to provide a living. 




1. Teach a class

Learn a skill and become good enough to teach it to someone!

Do you like working out? Become a gym class instructor or take class and pass the test to become a personal trainer!

Are you good at crafting? Check at your local craft store to see if they need someone to teach a crafting class! No luck with the craft store? Start a Youtube channel showing people how to craft and offer your craft instructions on Etsy or Ravelry for purchase OR offer classes online for a group of people who are interested in learning your craft!

2. Sell stuff

Have clothing you don’t need/want anymore? Sell on Poshmark, Facebook group pages, Craigslist, OfferUp, etc. You can also sell pretty much anything in the house on these platforms as well!

Have a yard or garage sale to sell lots of items all at once! I LOVE yard sales. You can find some really great stuff at yard sales (not telling you to go spend your money at yard sales since this is a post on making money and not spending it).

If you’re looking for how much to sell something for, check online for what others are selling their same items for! It’s a great way to get an idea of how much your item(s) is/are worth.

3. Make something to sell (crafts, product, treats)

What are you good at? If you’re good at art, start selling your art online, social media, or craft festivals. Same for any type of craft really! I have been meaning to check out my local arts and crafts festivals to see what good stuff is being sold there. I have been to a boutique festival where lots of cute little boutique vendors met up in my mom’s friend’s backyard (which was ENORMOUS) and set up their shops. They sold cute clothing for women and babies, had custom blankets, pillows, and other home decor, as well as crocheted items, and HOMEMADE GOODIES! The cinnamon rolls smelled uh-mazing! So look at what your talents are and offer them! You’ll be surprised how many people are looking for exactly what you have to offer!

4. Advertisements on car

A while back when I was doing Jordan Page’s Budget Bootcamp (which helped to put finances in perspective) and she was making a list of ways to make money and she mentioned advertisements on your car. I had no idea what she was talking about, but I checked it out and it’s an actual thing! Ever see those cars that have printing on the side of them advertising a business? You can have a company put advertisements on your car (full body or half, whatever you want!) and they’ll pay you for having it on your car depending on how far and often you drive! A couple companies that do this are Wrapify and Carvertise! As long as you don’t mind having an advertisement on your car, you are good to go!

5. Side job

Get a side job! These can include almost anything. You can start an Etsy business, sell things on eBay, make online products such as digital downloads, downloadable artwork, or online courses, or you can even become an online tutor! Another idea is you can become an Uber or Lyft driver in your spare time! There are so many options for side jobs. Try and brainstorm things you could do with the extra time you have and choose something that would work for you!

Other jobs include delivering for Uber Eats, Door Dash, or GrubHub. You can also become a personal grocery shopper through companies such as InstaCart. People pay for their food and then pay an extra fee to have someone deliver it to them. And they even sometimes pay a tip too! My friend was an InstaCart shopper and would make a couple hundred dollars if she picked up frequent shifts within the month. Not too shabby!

6. Weekend job

This is a great idea for making money! There are places that would LOVE to have extra employees to work on their busiest time of the week — weekends! Ask around to any businesses you are interested in possibly working for and see if they’d be willing to hire for the weekends if you are busy during the week with other obligations!

I had a weekend job where I was an Airbnb, VRBO, and house cleaner. I met a lady that lived in my city that was looking for cleaners. The schedule was super flexible and I worked as an independent contractor meaning I could make my own schedule and didn’t have to work if I didn’t want to or couldn’t work! She always had lots of cleans for the weekends due to high turnover rate of all the vacation rentals, so it was great because doing that job allowed me to make an extra couple hundred dollars a month! (That was how I paid off my car loan!)

7. Start a small business

As mentioned before, if you’re good at something, make it a business! Sell your products on an online platform (or you can make it a local business)! A great example of this is baking. If you’re a good baker, start a page on social media to promote your products and start spreading the word about your work! You will have people ordering goodies from you and maybe even hiring you to do events! Not a bad gig!

8. Ask for a raise at work

This one is a tough one. No one really likes to ask for more money because talking about money is sort of an awkward thing! Maybe you’re not like that, and if you’re not, good for you! Haha, I’m definitely not the person who likes to ask for money… Recently, I had the thought about asking for a raise. I had been working extra hard and was coming up on my year mark at my office. I went through the conversation with my boss in my mind and made a list of things why I thought I deserved a raise. Fortunately, a few weeks before I was going to discuss this with my boss, our office manager approached me saying my boss wanted to offer me a raise and it was even higher than what I was planning on asking for! Good things do come to those who wait (and work hard for it!). So if you’re a hard worker and honest in your dealings, hopefully you can score that raise you’ve been waiting for! But make sure you have some good points of why you deserve the raise! But also be prepared for your boss to discuss the matter, usually they won’t just agree and implement the raise. But also don’t underestimate the power of asking! The worst they can do is say no!

9. Take online surveys

Some online companies will pay people to take surveys for them. This isn’t something I’m super familiar with, so don’t go based off what I say, I have just heard about these!

10. Become a nanny

This is a fun, tiring, but rewarding job! I used to work for a dentist at the beginning of my college career and he asked me to nanny for him part time. So I would go to his house and nanny for his wife. They had six kids and I was BUSY. I would watch their kids, pick them up or take them to their after-school activities like gymnastics, swimming, or singing class AND I would make sure their house was super clean, their laundry done, and their dishes cleaned. Now, not every nannying job is that intense, I just made it that intense because I like cleanliness haha! But nannying is an awesome job to have! Nannies can get paid really well too! So not a bad gig there either!

11. Babysit

Similar to nannying, except that babysitting is a more random job when compared to the consistency of nannying. There are apps you can find babysitting jobs on too, such as Sittercity and Care.com. These two companies as well as others are always advertised on TV. There are always people looking for sitters and some are looking for consistent sitters throughout the week.

12. Cash-Back Rewards from Credit Card

This one is tricky because in order to get cash-back rewards, you have to use your credit card. It’s a great perk if you use your credit card but don’t get into debt with it. If you have a hard time paying off your credit card bill, then this is not a great option for you. This only works if your credit card company has a cash back perk for credit card use AND you are diligent about paying it off. It’s smart to only use your credit card if you’re only buying things you can afford and paying them off frequently. I really cannot stress any more the importance of this point that the credit card can be a dangerous game to play. I don’t claim to be an all-knowing financial expert, but I do know that credit card debt is brutal. DON’T GET INTO IT!

For me, I use my credit card for everyday purchases and then when pay day hits, I pay off my credit card. This allows me to rack up points based on my spending and I save them up for when Christmas rolls around and use that money (it gets deposited straight into my checking account) to make all our Christmas purchases!

13. Cash-Back or Reward Apps

Saved the best for last! Ever heard of iBotta or Fetch Rewards? They are AMAZING! I heard advertisements all the time for iBotta everywhere and thought that it was overrated until I TRIED IT. It really is awesome! I’ll do a whole post on my favorite apps that offer rewards for purchases later. But in a nut shell, there are apps out there where you scan your receipts and they will reward you either with CASH or with POINTS that can be redeemed for things like gift cards. And you get rewarded for things that you are buying anyways! So what’s NOT to love?

I hope you were able to get an idea of how to make some extra cash to help you out! Isn’t it kind of fun to think of ways to make more money and then use that money wisely to help better your life?

Which money maker are you going to try? What are your financial goals with that money? 

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